La Certosa di Pontignano

Starting from the built-up area of Ponte a Bozzone, cross the street inside a pine forest and enter a dirt road that leads to loc. Monaciano. After a small bridge, turn right onta a path that runs alongside a stream until you reach a high earth dam. We go up the path of the dica and we find ourselves at Lake Monaciano. Take the path on the right uphill in the woods and go up the ridge until you reach a clearing that gives us a first panoramic  on the Certosa di Pontignano. We follow th edge of the field until we reach a vineyard and take the path that passes through it to reach the town of Pontignanello.  Cross the paved road and take a downhill path that passes by a countryside cemetery, then skirting the walls of the Certosa. The path takes us to the main entrance. By calling the reception, it is possible to visit the cloisters. We leave again taking the asphalted road: the panoramas that reach the Valdorcia and Monte Amiata begin. We follow the road to the junction on the Jeft with a dirt road that Jeads to Cellole, which we take to find ourselves in a rural setting made up of vineyards, views and farmhouses. We follow the road until we reach the villa of Monaciano, a beautiful eighteenth-century structure. Follow the road for the start.

Da Siena: Take the SR408 towards Gaiole in Chianti – Montevarchi. Follow for about 5 km and reach the town of Ponte a Bozzone, Castelnuovo (SI), park in front of the church

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Via delChianti – Castelnuovo (SI)
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Presso Ponte a Bozzone – bar e ristoranti

Azienda agricola Losi Tenuta di Monaciano
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The Route

  • Lenght: 10 km
  • Difference: +200 m
  • Travelling time: 3h 20′