Chianti Grand Tour – Itinerary

The “Chianti Classic” tour proposes a 106-km route divided into six stages with a significant overall elevation gain of 1931 m and a good climb of one of the sides of Monte Luco.
For those who want to enjoy it in one gulp, the route is presented as being of average difficulty but should not be underestimated at all in that, like wine, it is best taken in small doses to avoid falling down drunk with fatigue.
Indeed, riding the fully tarmacked, well-maintained and low traffic roads of Chianti means to be willing to “eat and drink” – not only food and wine, but also, as they say in cycling jargon, struggling up and down the hills.
It would be a shame not to take advantage of it to fully enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, ancient villages, castles, small churches and farms.
The right recipe, therefore, is the balance that can be found between the pleasant fatigue of pedalling slowly and with your head held high and discovering the place where you can simply stop to rest or enjoy a nice bean soup washed down with good red wine.

The Route

  • Length: 106 km
  • Elevation gain: 1931 m
  • Max incline: 11%
  • Surfaces: tarmac
  • Bike type: any
  • Openrunner ID: 8760959