Pedals on the Francigena – Itinerary

The itinerary begins from Porta Camollia and continues on fairly busy roads (Via Cavour, Via Fiorentina, Via Cassia North)

We leave the SS2 to follow the road to Uopini and Badesse, located at the bottom of the descent, following the sign to Monteriggioni . Once again on the Cassia, we turn up to the crossroads to Monteriggioni, high up on a hill

Going through Monteriggioni we reach the Cassia along a steeply descending dirt road (be careful) to come out of Porta Fiorentina, we continue for a hundred meters to bar dell’Orso. Here, on the left of the bar, we follow the red and white signs indicating a white road the current official Francigena Route.

Following the directions provided to allow walkers and biker to use the route, we reach Abbadia Isola.

The next stop is Castellina Scalo through the Provincial Colligiana towards Florence until we meet a path that leads to the town in two kilometers. Here a recently cycle path flanking the Staggia stream will take us back to the Cassia where to follow the sign to Siena. Proceeding on the state road for about two kilometers until the sign to Bracciano- Francigena sud, we start to climb along a beautiful white road. After the Petraglia farm at the first crossroads  we keep the right and still uphill we arrive in the surrounding of Casella. Wishing to reach Pontarosso, a stone and brick bridge, we must ride for about a kilometer of particular bumpy road and turn back. After Casella, keeping the left, we reach Uccellatoio, after just one kilometer, we are back on the Cassia Road. Only 10 quite busy kilometers away from Siena.

The Route

  • Length: 38,2 km
  • Altimeters: +/- 722 m
  • Slope maximum: 15,7%
  • Type of road surface: misto (asfalto, strada bianca, dirt road, path, paved)
  • Type of bike recommended: touring – gravel – MTB