San Casciano Active “Novella” – Itinerary

The starting point is located just outside the historic center of Celle sul Rigo, exactly in Piazza Risorgimento, where a sign indicating the direction of the route will be clearly visible. Follow the SP della Valle del Rigo for about 200 m to turn left at the first crossroads and follow the Bernabe local road which immediately becomes a dirt road. We begin to descend amidst wonderful views, passing first from Podere la Casetta and then Rigo houses, until we reach the Rigo ditch which we will pass easily.
Keep to the left and go over the Rigo ditch a second time and then begin to climb. You pass by the ruins of the Bernabè farm and from there go up following a track between the cultivated fields and olive groves until you reach the dirt road of the old Cassia in loc. Case al Maestro. Turn left and begin to descend following the route of the Via Francigena, pass by the Baccanello farm (watch out for the
dogs!), And after a couple of curves you pass right next to the Novella farm, which for centuries represented an old tavern and horse shelter along the Via Francigena (note the iron rings to tie the horses that can be seen in the perimeter wall overlooking the road). After 100 meters before the curve turn left and take a track that passes between the fields and leads to a ford on the Rigo.

After the ford, follow the old local road of Cammattole which today is represented by a track that runs along the edge of cultivated fields. Climb up to the junction with the dirt road of the local road of Belvedere, turn left and pass by the farms with the sympathetic name of Aiutami a Farlo and Aiutami a Dirlo. We continue for another 2.5 km following the dirt road between wonderful landscapes on the
surrounding valleys and terraces overlooking the gullies, and then return directly to the Piazza del Risorgimento from where we started

Sheepdogs: Please be careful not to have any attitudes that may annoy the sheep or make the sheepdogs nervous. Given the historical vocation of the area for sheep breeding, still today you can meet flocks of sheep in the wild which are however protected by numerous guardian dogs.

Fords: this route involves crossing three fords on the Rigo stream which, for most of the year, do not cause any problems (we could also refresh our feet!). However in the winter and / or after heavy rain, these crossings may be impossible to do.
Communal borders: this route for a stretch crosses the Municipality of Radicofani.

The Route

  • Lenght: 11,7 km
  • Rise: + 465 m
  • Type of road surface: mixed (paved, dirt road, path)