Bike services in Tuscany

To make the most of your experience in the Strade di Siena, we thought to collect in this section all the services useful to the cyclist: bike rental and repair activities, cycling guides, tourist information points, organized tours and the world of wine&food, to make it even more enjoyable to discover our territory.

We are aware that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, full of history, nature and culture that has no equal. For this reason we wanted to create standards of hospitality, especially for cyclists, which are up to this wealth.

Through the individual bike route cards you can learn about the services and accommodations located in a convenient position with respect to that route. Through this section, however, you will have a complete overview of all the services available, to organize your trip in complete freedom.

Bike rental

Do you want to travel freely, renting your bike or e-bike directly on site? Here you can find all the activities that can help you in this.

Bike repair

All the accommodation facilities of our circuit have a small dedicated workshop. But sometimes assistance is needed along the way. Click here to find what you need.

Environmental Guides

Discovering Strade di Siena together with a environmental guides, can be a great idea not to miss anything that the territory can offer.

Tourist Information

This section is dedicated to information offices and tourist accommodation, according to regional standards, located on the territory. A valid help.

Organized tours

Here you can find a collection of offers published by tour operators working with us. Just enjoy the trip in comfort.

Bike Friendly Wineries

As the discovery of a territory, passes first of all by the discovery of its flavors, we thought of a section dedicated exclusively to taste.