Tour Guides

Strade di Siena has been designed to allow anyone to organize their stay in full autonomy and freedom.

However, relying on those who live in the area, may be an opportunity to know places and live experiences that are not within the reach of everyone.

On this page we have included all the environmental guides  who have decided to collaborate with us in this area, to make your holiday truly unique.

Domenico Bertucci
Environmental Guide

Born in Vercelli (Piedmont) I decided to study archaeology, more than 20 years ago, moving to Siena. After graduation I connected my passion for history, art and the environment in my driving job.
Qualified as environmental guide in 2014 and tourist in 2015. In the long explorations and rides in the Tuscan countryside I discovered paths with enchanting views.
My passion is history, art and wine. My rides generally have these three characteristics in common. Supporting everything with professionalism the same that I continued to update with several courses over the years, including one of cycling mechanics.
I like to work with both groups of adults and children.

Marco Antonio Pacenti
Environmental Guide

My name is Marco Antonio Pacenti and I am a true inhabitant of Chianti, as I was born in Greve in Chianti. I became an environmental guide in 2005. I am an engineer and I have been involved in sustainable tourism for over 15 years. I do walking and cycling tours throughout Tuscany. I organize customizable tours also for families with young children. I also work with English-speaking foreigners. I organize bike tours both with E-bikes and with all other types of ``muscle`` bikes. I organize tours every day of the week and throughout the year. During my tours I do not propose to do only physical activity, but I try to transfer them all the knowledge resulting from my studies and oral traditions received from my ancestors. I like to organize my excursions as if they were short lessons on the history and nature of Tuscany.

Manuele De Bellis
Environmental Guide

I was born and raised in Torrita di Siena, where I still live and I lead my little tour operator.
I work in the world of tourism since 2007 initially as a sommelier and tour guide for food and wine tours and then as a rental driver with driver, services aimed at a mainly foreign clientele. The great passion for sport and nature led me to approach the world of hiking and the achievement of the GAE license.
Among all the activities as a guide, those that I am most passionate about are those related to the historical paths, among all the Via Francigena and the Via Lauretana, traveled in their traits for several years now, with a particular dedication to those who cross the province of Siena.
Over the years I have paid particular attention to the enhancement of the less known centers of Tuscany, creating routes and itineraries both on foot and by bike that touch some of the hidden pearls of our Region, without neglecting any aspect characteristic of nature, history and food and wine.
I can accompany groups or individuals on foot or by mountain bike or e-bike.
I speak Italian and English.

Francesco Verzulli
Environmental Guide

Francesco Verzulli, from Abruzzo, born in 1980, since I was a child with a great passion for hiking, nature and the mountains, for years I have been hiking, mountaineering and climbing in Italy and abroad. I address with particular proposals on the national and foreign territory, in particular in the Central Apennine area, always with concreteness and clarity in the description, helping to define the expectations of those who approach this type of activity, thus putting the human aspect at the center as the basis of the relationship, leaving no one behind, speaking to people and not to customers, to travel companions and not to tourists, to environmental interpreters and not just consumers. My long-standing training and experience has taken me to the places I have dreamed of for a lifetime, from the Andes range to the far north of the globe, almost touching the pole alone. I walked in many places, from our home, from the Via Francigena, to trekking on the volcanic slopes of the Atlantic Islands, from the Alpine Paths to the long trails of Northern Europe, from the Atlantic Pyrenees to the deep canyons in the Mediterranean basin, simple sub-urban treks linked to the interpretation of the landscape in the great green lungs of European capitals.