Bike friendly accomodations

Through the associated management Terre di Siena Slow, 28 municipalities of the Province of Siena, in collaboration with the Province of Siena, Tuscany Region and associations of local enthusiasts, have created a technical regulation, dedicated to bike friendly accommodations, with the aim to offer to visitors of this territory an adequate standard of hospitality.

The accommodation facilities that have joined the circuit Strade di Siena believe in the opportunities offered by this mode of knowing the territory, have participated in a specific training course, and have invested in their activities, to offer a top service.

In all our facilities:

  • Bike Storage
  • Workshop for repairs/maintenance
  • Cleaning area

Also you can find:

  • Laundry service for clothing and equipment
  • Overnight stay also for one night
  • Bike breakfast
  • Consumables for repairs with fee
  • Technical assistance by a trusted mechanic
  • Trusted spare parts store
  • Information corner with paper maps of the routes
  • First aid medical equipment
  • Other optional services to enhance the experience

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