c.s. Campotondo, Campiglia d'Orcia, Toscana Italia

c.s. Campotondo 7, Campiglia d’Orcia (SI)
Phone + 39 320 8591247

In 2000, Paolo Salviucci, wine lover and expert in viticulture techniques and wine making processes, decided to locate his winery in Campiglia d’Orcia, a small hamlet right between the mountain Amiata and Val d’Orcia.In the 3.5 hectares of vineyard we cultivate mainly Sangiovese, the true icon of Tuscan varieties, some Colorino, a very bold and intriguing native variety. There are also some rows of Merlot and Chardonnay which express unique characteristics thanks to the particular pedoclimatic condition of the area. Sustainability, craftsmanship and terroir are what inspired our work that is oriented towards to quality without compromises, taking care of each single detail, from the vineyard to the bottle.


Services for cycle tourism:

  • Free provision of water and access to rest rooms;
  • Equipment to inflate the bicycle wheels;
  • Electric bicycles and electronic equipment charging point;
  • Universal adaptor for smartphones;
  • Free wifi access;
  • Up-to-date list of available bike repair shops nearby;
  • Informative corner containing material about the winery and the territory;
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