Brevetto Strade Bianche – Itinerary

The route offers a mostly varied and undulating landscape, both in terms of course and profile, with no extended climbs, but with periodic spurts that are more or less steep, especially on unpaved roads.

The route features about 63 km of unpaved road over 11 different segments, with surfaces in good condition, well-packed with no grass invasion, and little gravel on the surface.

Each sector of the course is marked by a travertine stone, serving as a guide for any amateur cyclists that wish to test themselves on these epic roads and combine their love for cycling with the discovery of the territory, cuisine and heritage of Tuscany.

The Brevetto Strade Bianche is a digital certificate that is given to every cyclist that has ridden this famous cyclotourism route. You can request this Brevetto at . In purchasing this Brevetto you will also be supporting the Cycling Association “Pedale Senese 1952 ASD” an amateur sports association that has been active in the territory of Siena for almost 70 years and specializes in training young cyclists.

There is also a further version that corresponds to the route of the Women’s Elite race. For more information see:

The Route

  • Length: 186 km
  • Altimeters: + 3.300 m
  • Slope maximum: 21%
  • Type of road surface: mixed (asphalt 123 Km, dirt road 63 Km)
  • Type of bike recommended: classic – touring – grave – MBT
  • Openrunner: ID 8377845